Is Lucas Oil Stabilizer good for your Engine?

Is Lucas Oil Stabilizer good for your Engine?

The stabilizer is crafted for contemporary engines, featuring a low-viscosity formula engineered to enhance the longevity and efficiency of your vehicle.

Enhances fuel efficiency and engine power by minimizing friction in both conventional and synthetic oils.

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Is Lucas oil Stabilizer good for your engine
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What Is Lucas Oil?

Lucas Oil represents an American brand of lubricant oil known for its remarkable compatibility with various types of engine oils.

It is a robust petroleum oil, capable of blending seamlessly with nearly all automatic lubricants, machine oils, and mineral oils.

Additionally, it can be effortlessly mixed with synthetic oils.

While not primarily intended for use as engine oil, Lucas Oil serves as a valuable oil stabilizer.

What Is an Oil Stabilizer?

An oil stabilizer is an additive incorporated into engine oil to prevent rapid loss of viscosity.

Engine oil tends to behave differently at various temperatures and weather conditions, leading to fluctuations in viscosity.

This variation can result in challenges with oil pressure.

The oil stabilizer, such as Lucas Oil, addresses this issue by mitigating viscosity changes and stabilizing oil pressure.

Furthermore, Lucas Oil aids in controlling noise, addressing hearing problems, and preventing leaks.

Employing an oil stabilizer proves beneficial for the overall health of your engine.

Directions for Use

  • Use at oil change or between changes for a performance boost.
  • Suitable for topping off engine oil.
  • Pour the entire 12oz bottle into the engine oil.
  • Treats four to seven quarts of motor oil.
  • Safe for use with both conventional and synthetic oils.


Potential for causing severe eye damage.

Includes fatty acids, reaction products with alkanolamine, and alkaloxide.

Use eye protection while handling the product.

IF CONTACT WITH EYES OCCURS: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes.

Seek medical advice/attention. Ensure that it is kept out of reach of children.

How Frequently Should I Apply Lucas Oil?

Employ Lucas oil in every oil change, ensuring not to exceed the recommended amount for optimal results.

For routine engine wear, incorporating one quart of Lucas oil per oil change is advised.

Is Lucas Oil Suitable for New Cars?

There’s no need to wait until your car ages to use Lucas oil; it can be utilized in new cars as well.

However, many users prefer applying it after the engine has completed the initial breaking-in phase.

In conclusion

The use of Lucas Oil Stabilizer can be beneficial for your engine.

Its ability to mitigate viscosity changes, stabilize oil pressure, and address issues such as noise, hearing problems, and leaks makes it a valuable addition to regular engine maintenance.

However, it is essential to follow recommended usage guidelines to ensure optimal results without overdoing it.

Ultimately, the decision to use Lucas Oil Stabilizer should be based on individual engine needs.

Consulting with professionals or referring to specific vehicle requirements is advisable for the best outcome.

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