Will adding Oil stop Engine Knock?

Will adding Oil stop Engine Knock?

A knocking sound in the engine resembles a front door knock, but the deep metallic noise distinguishes it from a friendly visit by your neighbor.

The frequency of this sound may intensify with higher engine speeds, particularly if it’s attributed to a malfunctioning bearing.

Will adding Oil stop Engine Knock
Will adding Oil stop Engine Knock
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Common causes of Engine Knocking sounds

A knocking sound from your car’s engine signals a serious issue.

Common causes include ;

-Low engine oil, leading to potential internal damage

-Engine bearing failure due to insufficient lubrication

-Excessive crankshaft end-play, causing clearance problems

-Torque converter or flexplate issues, often resulting from loose or missing bolts.

How to Fix Engine Knocking

To address engine knocking, start by checking the oil level, as replenishing it might temporarily alleviate the noise.

However, even if the noise diminishes, there’s a high likelihood of permanent damage to internal components due to inadequate lubrication.

While some may try additives in the oil, they rarely provide a lasting solution and are not recommended.

If the oil level is sufficient and the knocking persists, the only effective solution is to conduct proper repairs on the car.

Is it Safe to Drive with an Engine Knock?

Your car might still move with a knocking engine, but driving it, even for a short distance, will likely result in more extensive damage to the engine.

For instance, if the knocking is due to low oil, continued driving can lead to significant internal engine issues, potentially causing the engine to seize.

It’s also ill-advised to drive with any rattling, tapping, or ticking noises from the engine, as these could indicate serious problems that may worsen with continued vehicle operation.

Therefore, if your engine is knocking or producing unusual sounds, it’s crucial not to drive the vehicle until you address and fix the issue.


While adding oil to address engine knocking may temporarily alleviate the noise, it is not a guaranteed solution.

In many cases, the knocking is a symptom of underlying issues, and even if the noise subsides, permanent damage to internal engine components may have already occurred due to insufficient lubrication.

Relying solely on oil addition as a remedy is not a recommended or long-term fix.

To ensure the health and longevity of the engine, it is crucial to identify and address the root cause of the knocking through proper diagnostics and repairs rather than relying on quick fixes.

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