Who makes Castrol Engine Oil?

Who makes Castrol Engine Oil?

Castrol was started in 1899 by Charles Wakefield selling lubricants.

Wakefield’s interest led to the creation of Castrol in 1909.

Castrol became synonymous with motor oil due to innovative marketing.

In 1960, the company changed its name to Castrol Ltd.

It was acquired by Burmah Oil Company in 1966, then by BP in 2000.

Castrol continues to innovate, with products like its Marine Bio range and bio-synthetic engine oil.

Today, Castrol focuses on sustainability, mobility, and digitization, developing new products and business models.

Charles Wakefield’s philosophy of partnership with customers remains central to Castrol’s success.

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Who makes Castrol Engine Oil
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What is the country of origin for Castrol?

England On March 19, 1899, Charles ‘Cheers’ Wakefield established an oil company in England.

A decade later, he developed a groundbreaking lubricant that transformed transportation in the early 20th century, naming it Castrol.

Castrol oil has been closely associated with setting world speed and endurance records.

What is the top-rated Castrol oil brand?

Castrol EDGE  featuring Fluid TITANIUM Technology stands as Castrol’s most potent oil.

Ideal for drivers seeking optimal sludge protection, wear protection, and peak engine performance.

What is the origin of the Castrol brand?

The name “Castrol” originated when researchers incorporated precise quantities of castor oil, derived from castor beans, into their lubricant blends.

By 1960, the motor oil’s name had become more prominent than the company’s original name, leading to the rebranding of “CC Wakefield & Company” to “Castrol Limited.

Is Castrol affiliated with BP?

About Castrol:

Castrol operates as a division of the BP group, catering to clients and consumers across the automotive, marine, industrial, and energy sectors.

Renowned globally as a premier lubricant brand, Castrol boasts a rich legacy of innovation, supporting pioneers’ aspirations.

Fueled by a dedication to excellence and a collaborative approach.

Castrol has engineered lubricants, coolants, and greases pivotal to countless technological advancements in various domains for over a century.

Our branded offerings enjoy international acclaim for their innovation and superior performance.

Underpinned by our unwavering commitment to top-notch quality and state-of-the-art technology.

Does Toyota use Castrol oil?

With modern engines demanding high-performance lubrication, Castrol offers a range of engine oils and brake fluids specifically designed for Toyota vehicles.

Thus ensuring optimal protection and performance across all models.

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Castrol Engine Oil
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Which engine oil is better Castrol or Mobil?

Between Castrol and Mobil, the better engine oil depends on your vehicle’s needs.

Recommend Mobil 1 for newer cars, SUVs, and trucks in colder climates, offering superior protection.

Prefer Castrol Edge for high-performance vehicles and older engines for its magnetic compounds.

This helps maintain older engine components.


Castrol Limited manufactures Castrol engine oil, originating from Charles “Cheers” Wakefield’s innovative efforts in England.

Over the years, Castrol has become synonymous with high-quality lubricants, serving a wide range of industries including automotive, marine, industrial, and energy sectors.

As a division of the BP group, Castrol continues to uphold its legacy of innovation, delivering cutting-edge lubrication solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern engines and technologies.


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